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"The Board has near-complete discretion to deny parole."

Examining Parole Denials in New York State, published by the Vera Institute of Justice

Toward a Fairer Parole Process

Benjamin Heller, Cherrell Green, Shirin Purkayastha, Alex Boldin, and Brian King

December 2021

"More people have died in NY State custody in the last decade than the total number of people executed in the 364 years NY State had the death penalty."

This report compiles and analyzes data on in-custody deaths in New York State between 1976 and 2020. Without policy intervention, thousands of currently incarcerated New Yorkers are at risk of dying behind bars in the years and decades to come.

New York State’s New Death Penalty

Melissa Tanis, Cameron Rasmussen

October 2021

"People of color are released at lower rates than their white counterparts despite similar backgrounds and convictions for similar crimes"

This report offers specific reform proposals that, if enacted, can save thousands of lives and make New York a beacon of progress across the nation.

The Problem With Parole: New York State's Failing System of Release

The Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law at New York University School of Law, Parole Prep, and the Vera Institute


"Today, New York’s parole board receives almost no scrutiny"

Jennifer Gonnerman of The New Yorker profiles a Parole Prep applicant and sheds light on the New York State parole system.

Prepping for Parole

Jennifer Gonnerman

November 25, 2019 (The New Yorker)

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