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Our Work

More than 50% of Parole Prep's budget comes directly from individual donations. 


Your contributions help support our parole preparation program, community engagement work and so much more. 

Policy Advocacy

We partner with groups across the state to reform the parole process in New York State.

We are a founding and core member of the People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, a statewide coalition working to reform the parole process in New York State.

Our Advocacy Work

The People's Campaign for Parole Justice (PCPJ) advocates for dramatic revisions to the laws that govern parole eligibility and release, and works to ensure that the Parole Board is staffed with commissioners who believe strongly in redemption, mercy and transformation. 

What We Want

A compassionate parole release process focused on who a person is today

Parole Board reviews are supposed to consider all aspects of a person's progress while incarcerated, however they are heavily focused on the original crime. This is punitive and turns the Board into an illegal resentencing body.

We want the Parole Board to look at who they are today, so we can reunite families and build stronger communities.

Parole eligibility for people over age 55

Many elderly incarcerated people are at risk of languishing and dying in prison, waiting for their parole eligibility. We want consideration for people over 55, who have served at least 15 years of their sentence, to gain parole eligibility.

This would allow 1000 people currently incarcerated to have a chance to go home to their families, and would create an opportunity for thousands.

"Parole Prep is one of a kind.

I'm very grateful for the years they spent working with me to prepare me for parole. And for the work they do to ensure that those who are eligible for parole are in fact released."

Jalil M.

Home Since October 2020

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