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Our Work

More than 50% of Parole Prep's budget comes directly from individual donations. 


Your contributions help support our parole preparation program, community engagement work and so much more. 

Community Arts Program

Archive-Based Creative Arts (ABCA) is a remote creative arts and writing workshop for people currently incarcerated in New York state and those coming home from prison.

Artwork by Leonard Wilson

Currently incarcerated at Woodbourne Correctional Facility

ABCA provides support and funding towards publishing, platforming and distributing members’ work, as well as connections with outside platforms to expand opportunities for members to get their work out in the world.

Featured Artists

Leonard Wilson

Ronald Remy Trail

Peter McHugh

Serious Soul Brother

Lamarr Reid

Sara G. Kielly

To learn more or get involved, 
reach out to

"Shining a light into a dark place – art as therapy.

A light that isn't intended to illuminate the dark corridors of a violent art-program-less prison, as much as it is intended to illuminate minds, hearts, and souls while simultaneously empowering people to have hope, build confidence, and create opportunities to collaborate with communities outside of prison." 

Willie Kearse

ABCA's Art Program Associate

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