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Make a Donation

PPP exists and thrives because of the collective generosity of our volunteers, donors and partner organizations. We would like to thank everyone who gives their time, energy and expertise to PPP's efforts, as well as the leadership funders who make our work possible, include: North Star Fund, the Vital Project Fund, Open Society Foundations and our many generous donors and sustainers.

Welcome Home Fund

Over the last ten years, hundreds of people have been released from prison after working with Parole Prep. While many people have family and friends to return to, others come home with very little and few loved ones to support them. Parole Prep's newest fundraising initiative, the Welcome Home Fund, will support people in the first days of their release--covering the cost of basic necessities and providing mutual aid so people can survive the transition home. Funds will be used for:

Groceries, transportation, medication, cell phones, clothing, training programs and even licensing fees.

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