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Parole Preparation

Our core program trains community volunteers to partner with incarcerated people as they prepare for their appearances before the Parole Board.

How It Works

Every year we receive hundreds of letters from incarcerated people seeking assistance with the parole process. After an initial training, volunteers work in pairs and partner with one person in prison who is preparing for parole. 

Volunteers visit incarcerated applicants in prisons across New York State, talk regularly by phone and correspond by mail. Volunteers also compile advocacy materials to submit to the Parole Board, work with applicants to prepare for the parole interview and offer emotional support and care throughout the process.  

Measuring Impact


Volunteers Trained


People Home


Prisons Visited

Our Work

More than 50% of Parole Prep's budget comes directly from individual donations. 


Your contributions help support our parole preparation program, community engagement work and so much more. 

Interested in volunteering? Click to apply and learn more about our programming.

Become a Parole Prep Volunteer

Parole Prep's release rate is twice the statewide average.

Parole Prep applicants are released more than 60% of the time, (compared with 30% state-wide)

"With the help of my advocates, I was able to make it out to my family.

It's been a struggle. But the struggle was well worth it, because I'm home now. I rode the train for the first time in 26 years!

I thank Parole Prep from the bottom of my heart. They're my advocates and my friends."

Andre Patterson

Home Since October 2020

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