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Providing advocacy and critical support for people serving life sentences and those who have returned home

Our Story

For over ten years, we've advocated for the release of people serving life sentences in New York State prisons. Securing their freedom and supporting people in their homecoming is the core of our work. 

In 2013,

members of the Lifers Organization at Otisville Correctional Facility convened a summit inside the prison to examine the parole process in New York State. Most incarcerated attendees had already served more than 25 years in prison and faced repeated parole denials. 

The reason for denial? The nature of their original crimes. 

After the summit, in collaboration with prison leaders, a group of advocates and attorneys founded the Parole Preparation Project. We then partnered with incarcerated people to support them as they prepared for parole and their eventual homecoming. 

As word got out, we received hundreds of letters from people in prison and their loved ones, seeking assistance in the parole preparation process.

Soon after, we were training community volunteers in the innerworkings of parole 

"I feel human again.

Parole Prep was very instrumental in assisting me, helping me connect with family like my baby sister and my nephew.

Without them there is no way I would feel as comfortable as I do now being back in society. I know that there are people out there that love me, and that's a beautiful thing."

Curtis Davis

Home Since August 2021

and expanded programs to include:

policy advocacy


community care


we've worked with more than

people in prison serving life sentences


Since our founding over ten years ago, Parole Prep has:

Recruited + trained



Worked alongside more than


incarcerated people

Increased our release rate to


(more than double the statewide average)

Parole Preparation

Community Care

Parole Prep supports currently and formerly incarcerated New Yorkers through advocacy, litigation, and community care.

"Today, New York’s parole board receives almost no scrutiny"

Jennifer Gonnerman of The New Yorker profiles a Parole Prep applicant and sheds light on the New York State parole system.

Prepping for Parole

Jennifer Gonnerman

November 25, 2019 (The New Yorker)

Our Work

More than 50% of Parole Prep's budget comes directly from individual donations. 


Your contributions help support our parole preparation program, community engagement work and so much more. 

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